Level 3

Clinical Skills & Medical Research

5 Days

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Level 3 Clinical Skills & Medical Research- 5 Day Course


Designed to give you hands-on experience in both a laboratory and clinical setting. You will gain practical skills and will be trained by real scientists and nurses in a setting that will help prepare you for your future career. This course is perfect for students interested in health-related subjects including medicine, nursing and biomedical science. 

The Clinical Skills and Medical Research course lasts for 5 consecutive days during school holidays from 9.30am- 4pm to offer intensive clinical and laboratory experience with qualified medics and research scientists. The course content aligns with A-Level Biology syllabus and makes an ideal summer school for year 12 and Year 13 students.

On the rare occasion that students have organized work placements in hospitals and research laboratories, they are often unable to have hands-on experience to develop their own clinical and laboratory skills. This is often due to the high costs of reagents, or the health and safety issues associated with limited supervision or patient contact.

At BioGrad, students can gain practical skills that will ultimately help them with university and job applications. Each student has access to their own equipment and sufficient time is allocated for each student to develop new skills over the course of the week and make (safe) mistakes, then perfect their techniques before they leave us.

BioGrad courses are not shadowing, students are taught REAL skills by experienced professionals.

 Course Content 

Clinical Skills (2.5 days):

  • Head to toe patient assessment
  • Blood pressure analysis
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Clinical examination of lung sounds for disease diagnosis
  • Spirometry for assessment of lung function and diagnosis of COPD and asthma
  • Peak flow analysis
  • Diagnosis of disease using patient data sets

Medical Research (2 days):

  • Diagnosis of infectious disease using ELISA
  • Analysis of SARS disease epidemic
  • Blood typing procedures to link a donor and recipient in a medical emergency

Career Development (0.5 days):

Meet like-minded peers and start to build your networks that will last for years! 

Duke of Edinburgh 

BioGrad is an Approved Activity Provide for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This course may be used as your Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential Award, which can be signed off by the course leader on the final day. Please provide your Duke of Edinburgh Award number on your registration form at the time of booking your course.

UCAS References 

Students who wish to use this course as work experience to support university applications may request a reference to be sent directly to their school/college. These references are signed off by the course leader after obtaining feedback from staff teaching during the course. These references help your teachers to create your UCAS reference.

Please provide the name of your school on your registration form at the time of booking your course.

Clothing and Equipment 

Students are provided with one set of green NHS hospital scrubs and a personal stethoscope to wear on the respiratory sessions of their course. These are included in the price of the course and available to take away at the end of the week.

Scrubs are available in a range of sizes from XS to XL. If you believe you will require a specific size that would not normally be in stock, please contact BioGrad Student Services at info@biograd.co.uk. Additional scrubs, laboratory coats, pens, textbooks, gifts and clothing are also available from the Student Service office during the residential courses.

Students are advised to wear comfortable shoes at all times and must ensure that feet are covered when in the laboratory. The course includes the opportunity to use clinical equipment including spirometers, ECG machines and blood pressure cuffs. During these sessions it is preferable for students to access the top of their arm and the top of their chest (just below the collar bone). On cold days students may wish to wear a long-sleeved top under their scrubs, however it is advisable that sleeves be loose enough to expose the top of the arm when rolled up. Participation is completely discretionary, and students may opt in or out of activities as they wish. We do not want to cause embarrassment to any student and believe that appropriate clothing can help students feel more confident when partaking in these activities.

All personal protective equipment is provided during the course and students will have access to laboratory coats, gloves and goggles whilst working in the laboratory, however it is expected that students will bring a notebook and stationery for recording their results. Students who wish to take away their ECG and Spirometry results are welcome to bring a laptop or tablet as all software


Students attending this course are expected to be studying a minimum of A-level biology, however we have a range of students from A-Level to graduate scientists attend.  


All our courses can be booked by paying a deposit and using a payment plan over 1,6 or 12 months if required. For more information please contact our Administration Team via email on: student.services@biograd.co.uk or through the contact form here.


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